multi test

Other testings in Multitest's laboratories

  • Destructive testings
  • Spectral Analysis of Metals and Metallic Products
  • Positive Material Identification of Metals, Plastics and Soils(PMI)
  • Radioactivity Measurement
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Visual Macrostructure Analysis
  • Thermovision
  • Testing of Pressure Vessels, Pressure Equipment and Transportable Pressure Equipment
  • Optical Density Measurement
  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Safety value adjusted valve
  • Macroscopic and microscopic examination
  • Hardness
  • Messurement of micro - hardness
  • Complex Testings
  • Shear and Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio tests
  • Messuring left voltage in materials and constructions SINT, RESTAN MTS 3000/ /