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Know what is new in Multitest LTD

Multitest LTD introduces modern technical equipment for testing!

Having the ever-increasing requirements for the production of pressure equipmentе ,and the constructions working in extreme and dynamic conditions, Multitest LTD introduced modern technical equipment for testing in almost all spheres of industry computing and metrology. Furthermore, the company successfully have adapted to work both with the bulgarian directive EN standarts, and the US : ASTM and ASME codes.

Facilities for calibration with high quality precision

Since 01.03.2010 Multitest LTD has epxpanded its area and developed a апаратура new laboratory for calibration and verification of pressure equipment from -1 to 5000 bar for electronic facilities, transmitters and pressure gauge. It will be a pleasure for us to meet your most precisious demands of calibration and verification of the recent dementions:
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Lenght
  • Torque
  • Hardness measuring devices, and other measuring devices
  • Electrical signals
  • Force measuring equipments
  • Impact bending equipment
  • Chemical composition equipments
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Last generation equipment

After the acquisition and the commissioning of the new equipment, оборудване there are brand new services and complexed testings via using new techniques activities:
- In the area of the radiographic testings – automatically testings of pipeline using motorized gamma flaw detectors;

- In the area of ultrasonic inspection has been installed inovative equipment working with the phased array and ToFD method using the semi-automated and automated scaning systems

- In the area of mechanical testings – Impact bending with pressure to 2000 kN, on force inpact using instrumental and non-instrumetal method - Charpy and Izod method, europian and US norms testing, testings to 450J

- In the area of calibration of pressure gauges with hydraulic and pneumatic system and other measuring devices

- In the area of mechanical treatment – automated crafting of precise models for mechanical testings, crafting of calibrative standarts and blocks