multi test

A leading company in the field of non-destructive and destructive testing and inspections in Bulgaria and the Balkan peninsula

Welcome to MULTITEST LTD! A leading company in the field of non-destructive and destructive testing in Bulgaria through its rich and long experience, company Multitest Ltd and the Inspection Body of Type A , Laboratories for testing, calibration, metrological verification of measuring instruments, Departments „Conformity Assessment” of Pressure Equipment, Transportable pressure equipment and Pressure Vessels, Department Technical Surveillance of High Risk Equipment, all parts of its structure, made its reputation as the leader in the field of non-destructive and destructive testing in Bulgaria. Multitest Ltd is the only one company in the country and on the Balkan peninsula offering such wide range of services in the power industry, chemical industry, ship-repairing, the oil-and gas-producing industry, transport and other industrial branches.

Multitest Ltd has at its disposal highly qualified personnel, as well as the whole range of modern technical devices and equipment, meeting the requirements of the European Directives and the harmonized European Standards, as well as the requirements of ASME and ASTM codes

Multitest Ltd is Notified Body NB 1977, notified by the European Commission to assess the conformity of:

  • Pressure Equipment by Department "Conformity Assessment", including approval of staff and procedures for implementation of unassembled joints and personnel for non-destructive testing according to EN ISO / IEC 17065, EN ISO / IEC 17021; EN ISO / IEC 17024; EN ISO / IEC 17020; EN ISO / IEC 17025
  • Pressure vessels by Department "Conformity Assessment" according to EN ISO / IEC 17065; EN ISO / IEC 17020; EN ISO / IEC 17025
  • Transportable pressure equipment by the Department "Conformity Assessment" to the Inspection Body type A according to EN ISO / IEC 17020, BS EN ISO / IEC 17020

The Quality Management System, implemented according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, gives evidence of the capability of Multitest Ltd to provide each time services that are in compliance with the clients's requirements and expectations, and applicable normative documents.

In the course of time Multitest Ltd has proven its competent and professional solutions of extraordinary cases, as well as the guaranteed high quality of testing and reporting its findings.