multi test

Inspection body type A

Inspection Body of Type A according to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17020 carrying out inspection, accredited to perform non-destructive Inspection – radiographic, , penetrant, magnetic, visual and chemical analysis, of new and in-service equipment:

  • Vessels, pressure equipment and transportable pressure equipment and their welded joints
  • Piping, oil and oil product pipelines; Welded joints of gas pipelines and associated equipment of metallic transporting and distributing pipelines, and natural gas equipment, installations and appliances, and their welded joints
  • Gas equipment and installations for liquefied petroleum gases and their welded joints
  • Gas facilities and installations for liquefied hydrocarbon gases and their welded joints
  • Metallic and reinforced concrete structures and related components, including components of heat and water supplying systems, gas equipment and installations, lifting equipment, lifting and transport facilities, pressure equipment, pressure vessels and transportable pressure equipment
  • Castings and forgings
  • Inspection NDT equipment:

    • Inspection ultrasonic flaw detectors pursuant BDS EN 12668 -1
    • Inspection ultrasonic thickness meters pursuant BDS EN 15317
    • Inspection of magnetic defectoscope pursuant to BDS EN ISO 9934 - 1, BDS EN ISO 9934 - 3, BDS EN ISO 61010 - 1, BDS EN 60529
    • Inspection of industrial densitometers pursuant to BDS EN 25580, BDS EN 61010 - 1
    • Inspection AC power, DC power, pulses, industrial X-ray machine pursuant BDS EN 12543-2, BDS EN 12544-2, BDS EN 61010-1
    • Industrial untrasonic (UV) emitters pursuant BDS ЕN ISO 3059, BDS EN 61010-1
    • For insulation coatings pursuant BDS EN 61010-1
    • Thickness Gauges pursuant BDS EN 61010-1
    • Еddy-current pursuant BDS EN ISO 15548-1, BDS EN 61010-1
    • Equipment for determination а thickness of а coating pursuant BDS EN ISO 2178, BDS EN 61010-1