multi test

Certifications, Accreditations, Notifications


Сertification Review
Certification acording to ISO 9001:2008                                                                           TAKE A LOOK


Authorities conformity assessment Certificates for acreditation
Certificates     Acreditation
Inspection body type "A" of "Multitest" LTD TAKE A LOOK WHOLE
Laboratory for testings' of "Multitest" LTD TAKE A LOOK WHOLE
Laboratory for calibrations of "Multitest" LTD                               TAKE A LOOK WHOLE

NANDO Notification

Directive Notification
97/23/EC Pressure equipment TAKE A LOOK
2009/105/Simple/EC(ex-87/404/EEC) pressure vessel TAKE A LOOK
2010/35/EU/Transportable pressure equipment                                                                                    TAKE A LOOK

Others Review
Certificates for interlaboratory comparisons TAKE A LOOK