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director:  Hristo Pavlov Chukachev

  • Adress:
    • BULGARIA Varna district, municipality Varna, city Varna, 9027, WEST INDUSTRIAL ZONE, № 1 Atanas Dalchev str.
  • Legal form:
    • LTD
  • Subject of acivity:
    • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIELD OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES CENTER FOR HIGH-design, development, production and implementation of particularly complex technological tools, electronic equipment manufacturers and labware in accredited laboratories and IN INDUSTRY IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: pressure, temperature, torque Length and corners; SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION; ASSESSMENT OF CONFORMITY OF transportable pressure equipment, facilities PRESSURE PRESSURE VESSELS building products, personal protective equipment, lifting equipment, gauges, TOYS TECHNICAL SUPERVISION tankers and rail tankers intended for the carriage of substances of class 2 ADR or RID, FIXED facilities with increased danger, working under high pressure and temperature and corrosive environments, Gas natural and liquefied gas, CAR GAS SYSTEMS, lifts and lifting equipment multiparameter LABORATORY TESTS destructive, destruction, spectral analysis, metallography ETC. .; LABORATORY TESTS MATERIALS, SUPPLY, TRADE, TRANSPORTATION AND USE OF SOURCES ionizing radiation / after authorization by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency / Diagnostics and inspection of machinery and equipment in all sectors of industry and agency of local and foreign individuals and legal PERSONS IN THE COUNTRY AND ABROAD VATRESHNOTARGOVSKA and international economic activities carried out on vocational education and training / POST LICENSE /; PERFORMING energy efficiency auditing and certification of buildings; Investigation of the energy efficiency of industrial systems across the spectrum, AS WELL AS ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES NOT PROHIBITED BY LAW.
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25 Years multitest

This year "Multitest" Ltd. is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding. Thanks to its rich and long experience "Multitest" Ltd. has established itself as a leading company, offering a wide range of services in energy, mechanical engineering, chemical and light industry, shipbuilding and repair, the oil and gas industry, transportation, construction and other areas of industry.

"Multitest" Ltd. is the only Bulgarian company that includes in its structure:

  • Laboratory to conduct comprehensive tests on European NDT DT (S), international (ISO) and American (ASME and ASTM) standards, accredited in accordance with BS EN ISO / IEC 17025
  • Laboratory calibration of measuring instruments, accredited in accordance with BS EN ISO / IEC 17025
  • Inspection body type A, accredited in accordance with BS EN ISO / IEC 17020
  • Notified by the European Commission Body NB 1977 Conformity assessment of transportable pressure equipment ADR, RID and ADN, Directive 2010/35 / EU
  • Notified by the European Commission Body NB 1977 Conformity assessment of pressure equipment directive 97/23 / EU
  • Notified by the European Commission Body NB 1977 Conformity assessment of pressure vessels Directive 2009/105 / EC (ex-87/404 / EEC)
  • Body authorized by the state administration to conduct litsenziran technical supervision of high-risk facilities
  • Licensed by the state administration laboratory for checking manometer (used in rail transport)
  • Center for qualificatio and certification of welders
  • Vocational Training Center "Qualitest" to conduct training of personnel working in the field of non-destructive and destructive tests.

Structure of the company

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